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Poem – These Words


I Love You Three Little Words


These words
What do I do with them
They slip to the tip of my tongue
Only to be choked down
Like a twisted rusty sword
They stay lodged inside my throat
Never ever being free
Swallow them down
And make a wish
That one day you’ll hear me

These words
Get left unsaid
With each day that passes
Slip through lost moments of time
Scattered across our lives
They could fill a book of a thousand pages
Each one written the same
Your ears never hearing
What my lips long to say
And alone I cry your name

These words
Can say so much
Brighten your darkest paths when heard
And cripple your faith when they aren’t

Three little words
Bigger than life itself
That get taken for granted by countless hearts
Over and over again
Said to those that don’t deserve
But I knew them right from the start

© Jay Long 2011
Pic Credit Maya Sariemma

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