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Poem – Paths Collide


Paths Collide


This rain comes pouring down
Like tears straight from heaven
The keeper of the stars has a plan
Our paths crossed
When they were meant to be
Now when I close my eyes
Youre all I see
Leaves hit the ground
In a chilly morning breeze
Rolling around together
Like the memories I hold of a time when we both could smile
Now I keep them close
Waiting for the day
We both can breath as one again
For the first time in life
Im scared of what tomorrow brings
Not holding any control
Never seeing whats in front of me
Just what I want it to be
I stare out my window
As I lay my head to rest
Gaining comfort knowing that we share the same sky
There’s things I dont understand
Questions that have no answers
And some I may never know the reason why
I make a wish on a falling star
Hoping we have a chance
To roll the dice one more time
Walk side by side
And let our paths collide

© Jay Long 2011
Pic Credit Outwater Productions

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