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Poem – Love and Daylight


Love and Daylight


On the days when you’re not strong
Never feel your weak
It’s at that time,
When the things are at their darkest
The love of another will give you strength
To break down your walls

When you don’t feel worthy of it
Love will always find a way
While you’re walking through hell
You’ll see heaven
It will keep you safe from harm
Carry you high and get you home

During the nights that you’re not brave
Never live in fear
Hidden in all the darkness
You will find the light
Loving someone freely will give you the courage
To find that tomorrow is a brighter day

I know that I could love you
There are days I already have
You take away the pain
During the nights that I’m alone
In Love and Daylight!
Is where I see myself with you

© Jay Long 2011

pic credit – K.I.T.A

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