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Life and Love

Life passes us by each and every day. During the course of our daily routine, we are affected by the lives of countless others without giving much thought to it. Until one of those lives is nearing or comes to an end. It forces us to consider our own mortality, because death is an inevitable end we will all face on our own.

We are told glorious stories of light and angel’s wings. We long for some type of every lasting life beyond our bodies. We look past rational thoughts to create evidence that those that pass before us, stay connected through signs and coincidental activity. And they do. All of it is true. Or at least I hope so and need to believe that it is.

One fact, I know to be true, is that we are dying from the day we are born. Even if all that we get out of life is the gift of living, then we owe it to ourselves and everyone around us to live it fully. To make sure that each step we take, brings us forward and closer to everlasting happiness. Don’t leave your life to chance, choose to live it.

Although our reward for longevity, is experiencing the loss of those close to us over our lifetime. We are blessed with the memories of those that have come into our lives and all those who have ultimately left us. As long as a memory still exists, we never truly leave this world. Whatever heaven is, I surely hope to find it one day. And when my time comes, I hope that the memories, the smiles, the laughs, I have shared and created, carry-on.


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