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Life is a beautiful disaster
I saw a post today on a friend of mine’s Facebook status and it got me to thinking. She said it doesn’t make her feel any better when someone comes up to her and says “God, you’re so skinny” as it does for someone to walk up to an overweight person and say ‘you’re so fat’. And although this isn’t the first person to convey that thought to me, it hasn’t been something I have thought about in some years. Not because I am insensitive or lack empathy, but merely because I don’t judge others on appearance. I see them as human beings. With their own personal demons, histories and paths they have traveled to get where they are at this very moment, in this ever revolving massive rock we call Earth.

Now this may be partly because I have struggled all my life with my weight..up and down and then very much up, but I like to think it’s how I was raised. I never was exposed to others being bad mouthed. My mother never said a bad word about anyone and my father never spoke badly about anyone other than to speak fact. Which never included any mention of physical attributes. It also helped that I grew up in a very diverse setting. I had rich friends, poor friends, fat friends, skinny friends, black friends, white friends and everything in between. I never saw them for any of that, but rather how they treated me. If you treated me well, you were treated well. If you treated me like shit, you were soon ignored and no longer considered a friend. We experienced each others ups and downs and that gave us a bond that was hard to break because it was secured by compassion.

We as a society have lost our compassion. Society is creating a generation of thoughtless, non-feeling, non-filtered sheep.

Just remember, calling someone ugly doesn’t make you any more beautiful – it makes you an asshole!


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