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Poem – Little Things


Red Roses


Love doesn’t ask for much
Just a passing smile or a gentle touch
It could be a soft kiss good morning
Or a long kiss goodnight
Maybe it’s a walk in the rain
Hand in hand on the beach
A pair of red roses
Mixed with carnations in bloom
Godiva chocolates and butterfly kisses
How about a couple of each
It could be an encouraging word
In the moments we’re weak
It’s all the little things
Our hearts long for and seek

© Jay Long 2011
Pic Credit Chuck Rogers

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Poem – My Way


My Way Your Way


I think this whole world’s gone crazy
No one makes it out alive
Fight through every hurdle
Do what you need to just survive
You find a heart to hold
Keep it close and don’t let go
Say the words you need to say
And always let that person know
I’ve cherished each smile you ever gave me
Even during your darkest days
You’re the angel that
was sent here to save me
Always thankful you looked my way

© Jay Long 2011
Pic Credit Mike Chua

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