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Poem – Home


Your heart is My Home


The night is always the hardest
Shooting stars stealing wishes
As the midnight sun shines
It’s when you’re furthest away
But closest to my heart
Holding onto a dream
Being apart with just a memory
Taking the path less travelled by
To pave this broken road smooth
It’s your song that makes me sing
And your smile that takes me home

Jay Long
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Poem – One Mistake


One Mistake


I look deep into your eyes
Pain is what I see
I wish I could take away the confusion
Put there because of me
Misunderstood moments
Can cause a heart to ache
Dont let it end
All for one mistake
The walls may seem closer
The past rushing back like a dream
Your smile is what you show
When inside you want to scream
The soft place you found
Will always be right here
Allow the love back in
To take away your fear.

© Jay Long 2011

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