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Poem – Right Here


Heart Key Lock


You are what I’d see
If angels had a face
When your nights are too long
Your days have been too strong
My heart will be the place
When it’s love you need
And it wont ever run
My heart has taken all the beatings
Broken and battered
The scars are reminders of what I fight for
Endless tomorrows holding you
And all my dreams coming true in your eyes
How I wish to see the morning sun cast across your lips
The same lips that have taken my breathe away a thousand times
I am right here waiting for you
So where do we go from here
You hold the key to the next open door

© Jay Long 2012

pic credit – wicked gems

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Poem – The Pieces


Complete me Puzzle Piece


You’re like sugar and razor blades
Tear filled smiles
Ghosts that haunt me on my best day
But if you were to be gone from my life
It would tear me apart
I hold our memories close
Hoping to hold you closer When we get older
I cant hold back all the rain
Cant take away all the pain
No sunshine after midnight
Just a promise of starting new
Holding onto something
Not wanting to watch it lose its light
Burning down walls
Only to see them built higher once again
Let me go
Tell me goodbye
Make these dreams stop trying to die
Sail away to our paradise island
Rescue me from whats inside
Bright lights and frowning smiles
All too familiar these days
I’m left picking up the pieces
Don’t love me for what Im not
Don’t lie to me for what I am
Your biggest mistake
Your most precious gift
The soft place to land in a hardened world

© Jay Long 2011

pic credit – Tiffany Ingeneo

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