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Angels or Good Timing?


Light From heaven

Throughout our lives there have been times that we have sat back and said “what if”.

What If I..

..didn’t hit the snooze for the second time.

..ironed my shirt the night before.

..used the drive-in at Dunkin instead.

..took Main Street instead of taking the right on Elm.

You get where I’m coming from. We all have beenĀ  a part of a scene where either an accident, truck over-turning or the person in front of you gets splashed by a puddle – or any number of ‘bad’ experiences has occurred right before your eyes. That’s when we think of those ‘what if’ times.

On the opposite side of the coin, we can see that because of those times we were spared from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Think about it. Is it good timing or angels?

What if I..

..didn’t get stuck behind that school bus that stopped every 37 feet to pick up one child at a time.

..missed the express train.

Again, you get where I’m coming from. It sometimes feels as if there is a driving force of where you should be or where you shouldn’t be at any given moment. Of course we have choices, mostly A or B, but not always. A lot of times it’s cut and dry.

I myself narrowly escaped a very bad situation on Friday night. It was approaching midnight and the need to walk my dog before bed was at hand. At 9 minutes of, I was feeling sleepy on the couch and since my pooch was out cold on the chair across from me, I knew I had time to snooze a bit and then take him in a short while. Not to sound lazy but 4 out 5 nights I would have agreed and meandered up off the couch 20 minutes later to let the good boy do his business. Not that night. I felt the urge to take him out right then and there. To get it over with and settle in. So I did.

20 minutes later I was in a whirlwind of ‘What Ifs’. You see, as I got into bed, a large crash could be heard and felt outside my home. At first I had no idea what it was. I was soon to find out. A car had sped up my road at a very high rate of speed and was unable to take a turn that my house sits on. And when I say was unable to take, I simply mean they made no attempt whatsoever. No braking. No skidding of tires. Simply driving straight towards my lawn and rocketing the vehicle into the air over twenty feet only coming to a stop atop of my parked minivan. What was amazing, was the rocket-car simply backed up off the wreckage and drove away – Hit N Run. Unfortunately for them their bumper broke free from their vehicle as they turned around after finding themselves facing the wrong direction on a dead end road.

Was it an angel or simply good timing that I walked my dog 20 minutes before hand? When on almost any other night I would have been in the same vicinity of all the flying debris and crashing metal.

Was it an angel or good timing that my dog was relieving himself under the same tree 11 minutes before a vehicle spun bent metal into it tearing off its bark?

As for the driver of the vehicle that slammed into mine – they had an angel. You see, the path that the car took to reach the side of mine was the only clearing available. One foot to the left and that car is sheered off by a tree trunk. One foot to the right and the car is wrapped around a telephone pole. And if my minivan is not in the driveway – which on a Friday night is the norm – his vehicle’s path is stopped abruptly by a stone front porch and concrete foundation.

Hit and Run Accident

I’m not going to say I’m superstitious or that I believe in hokey pokey nonsense but in light of the events of late Friday night I think there may be at least some type of inner sixth sense that makes all those times in our lives look like coincidence. Because I know I have angels in my corner everyday of my life. Some I have known for more years than I can remember and others I have just met. But each one of them holds my best interest as I do theirs. My angels are my friends and family and they mean more to me than any wrecked car or missed evening out.

This is just a day in the life we all have to live. We all have ups and downs. It’s what we do with them that makes us who we are. And it doesn’t matter how often you get knocked down as long as you get up one more time than not.


Remember We Are All Super Heroes


Super Hero Capes

I went to see the new Avengers movie this past week and I have to say I really enjoyed it. There was so many underlying things to the plot even if what most see are just lots of cool effects and good guys beating up on bad guys. I got to thinking; “I hope I never stop believing in super heroes.”

I know I’m not alone when I say that long before Hollywood grabbed hold of our imagination, I tied a sheet or pillow case to my back and ran through my house like I was saving the world. Little did I know that reading comics and watching epic battles play out on the big screen would teach me something about myself and those around me.

You see, we are surrounded by heroes everyday. Firemen, police and soldiers face each day knowing that there is a real danger out there and there is a chance that they won’t make it home. We rely on doctors, nurses and medical professionals to cure our ills. We place faith in their knowledge and accept what they say, whether good or bad. Teachers and educators mold our youth – they are the daily connection to this world’s future. What is sad is the fact that for the most part, we as a society take each and every one of those positions for granted. They are so common and their jobs get done day in and day out without much protest that we simply overlook them.

As individuals we need to realize that there is a hero inside each of us. That’s what the underlying lesson of each Marvel movie really is. That at any given moment, any one of us can be a hero. When times get tough, we find a way to dig down deep and pick ourselves up higher than what it is that is trying to keep us down. Our will to succeed and live freely far outweighs our acceptance of failure. You may not realize it now, but take a look at all you do…again you’ll see that it’s all taken for granted but it’s there. You may not be wearing a fancy costume and saving the world from an alien take-over but no matter what it is you’re doing whether you’re providing a meal for your children or working your way through college. That makes you a true hero – not make believe.

The next time you feel that your life isn’t what you’d dreamt of just remember, that we all can be heroes – even if it’s for one day. Never stop dreaming. Never give up hope. There are super heroes inside all of us.


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