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“About Me?” Hmm maybe I should have titled that “Who I Am”.. Anyway – Welcome to my not so humble personal space on the web. Not that I’m presumptuous enough to think anyone wants to know about me, let alone read what I have to write. I thought if I cleared things up right off the bat it might help better understand why I say what I say.

Ever since I can remember, which at age 40 results in about 35 and a half years, I’ve wanted to be a lawyer. The years before that were a blur and please don’t judge me on them because well, it was a dark time and I was going through some major changes. It was so bad, I don’t remember a thing other than I couldn’t walk and could barely form words. From what I’m told I was dependent on someone 24/7 to feed me, clothe me, clean me..but I digress.

Looking back I probably should have thought more about being a speech writer than a master debater. It seemed that over the years I found that I had an opinion on many different subjects – I chalk that up to experience. I wanted to somehow preserve those experiences rather than just taking the normal avenue of stuffing them to the back of my mind as a memory. That way was to put them to paper. They came in forms of poems, of prose, of ramblings and at one point a failed attempt at marketing a screenplay. At times they have even come through as advice to others – but only because they asked not because I like to preach.

I took what I knew or at least what I understood of the ups and downs of my life and began to twist them into creative avenues. That is where I was able to find out who I was and work on who I am. I also came to realize that my words connected with others. It made them laugh, think, remember – they meant something to someone other than myself.

I’m an AWOL Monk but you didn’t hear that from me. I’m also and an unrecognized comic, unknown screen writer and slinger of bullshit because ultimately that’s all words without actions are. I’m just a diamond in the rough saving myself for Sarah Silverman. I don’t even care if she’s Jewish and I was raised Catholic. I would totally go Atheist for her.

And with that said – I’m Jay Long…who the hell are you?

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