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A Letter to My Younger Self


I started a 30 day writing workshop with best selling writer/poet Tyler Knott Gregson and the brilliant writer Andréa Balt today. Each day there is a writing prompt. Today, I was asked to write a letter to myself from ten years ago. I wanted to share it with you all here.


Hi there, I can’t believe it’s been so long. It has to be 10 years. So much has happened during that time and I’m not really sure where to start. You really gave us a scare a few years back. The Lyme disease took it’s toll. You were hospitalized for a week and it was touch and go for the first couple of days. No one could pinpoint what was ailing you. Until finally after months of testing a specialist stepped in and pinpointed the problem. I’m so happy you made it through, and even though you still have flare ups a few times a year, as long as your feet hit the floor every morning, you’ll be OK.

I want to tell you this before I forget – I love you. I don’t think you’ve always known that, especially with how I’ve treated you these last years. I’m sorry I put you second, behind everyone and everything else. It all started right after you were married and seemed to escalate soon after your Dad passed. It was around that same time you let your writing slip to the back burner. You always had a knack for creative expression, so it was tough when that happened.

Such a whirlwind of days in a short period of time, I guess I just lost track of where you were and didn’t think much of what you really wanted. I should’ve listened closer. I should’ve never pushed you to do the “right thing”. Easy to say now, knowing that all three kids are still very much a part of your life. Michael, Diana and Stevie all cherish you and treat you as if you are their father. It takes a special kind of man to raise another man’s child. Never regret staying longer than you should have. You made a huge difference in all their lives. Michael stayed with you in New York when his mom left and is in the US Navy going into his 5th year. Diana lives in Connecticut with her long time boyfriend and she’s raising a beautiful son named Bryson. Stevie just turned 16 and is in Kentucky with her mom after moving 8 times since the split. She visits every Summer for at least 4 weeks and it’s her favorite time of year.

I’m going to keep this short for now. I’m so glad that we reconnected. It has been far too long since we really sat down. Let’s not let this much time come between us again. I’m glad to hear you’re back writing. Use your experiences and I can guarantee others will relate. You have a gift and it needs to be shared with the world. There are some great opportunities coming your way. Never let go of that dream. Love is in your future, don’t stress too badly about it not working out the first time around, the door is open. Those paths will collide once again if they are meant to.

Please take care of you. Talk again real soon.



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