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TGIF I Think But Something Is Off


I woke up today feeling as if something was ‘off’. I usually have a pretty good sixth sense, so I know something somewhere in my own universe isn’t the same today as it was yesterday.  Because of that I have had an aching in my gut and a lump in my throat all day and night.

Change can be a good thing but not always. I have seen so much change this past year I can’t even begin to think about it sometimes.

Hope your week has been wonderful. I’ll see you over the weekend.

Remember to Laugh and Love as much as possible. One day you may find that laughter fades and love is lost.


Poem – Right Here


Heart Key Lock


You are what I’d see
If angels had a face
When your nights are too long
Your days have been too strong
My heart will be the place
When it’s love you need
And it wont ever run
My heart has taken all the beatings
Broken and battered
The scars are reminders of what I fight for
Endless tomorrows holding you
And all my dreams coming true in your eyes
How I wish to see the morning sun cast across your lips
The same lips that have taken my breathe away a thousand times
I am right here waiting for you
So where do we go from here
You hold the key to the next open door

© Jay Long 2012

pic credit – wicked gems

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